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Definition:  “Discipline” means the ongoing process of helping children to develop self-control for self-management while protecting and maintaining the integrity of the child.

Positive Discipline

 Caregivers shall use positive discipline, which shall include the following:

    • Communicate to children using positive statements,
    • Encourage children with adult support, to use their own words and solutions in order to resolve their own interpersonal conflicts.
    • Communicate with children by getting down to their eye level and talking to them in a calm quiet manner about what behavior is expected.

Inappropriate Discipline

Any person, while on child care premises, shall not engage in any of the following actions toward children:

·         Inflict corporal punishment in any manner upon a child’s body.

·         Hit, spank, beat, shake, pinch, or any other measure that produces physical discomfort.

·         Cruel, harsh, unusual, humiliating, or frightening methods of discipline, including threatening the use of physical punishment.

·         Placement in a locked or dark room.

·         Public or private humiliation, yelling, or abusive or profane language.

 Staff shall not associate disciplinary action or rewards with rest, food or  


Caregivers shall not:

·         Use time out for any child less than three (3) years of age.

·         Use time out for any purpose other than to enable the child to regain control.

·         Physically restrain children except:

§  when it is necessary to ensure their own safety or that of others;

§  Only for as long as is necessary for control of the situation.

Discipline Documentation

·         This Policy shall be distributed to parents and staff.

·         Caregivers shall have ongoing communication between home and day care regarding all aspects of the care of the child.

·         Caregivers shall document any history of recurring discipline problems and subsequent formal parent conferences in the child’s record.

·         In cases of recurring or severe misbehavior, parents will be contacted so that we may work things out together. 

·         If the misbehavior continues the Director may place the child on a two week probationary period. 

·         If the situation does not improve, or a plan cannot be implemented for improvement during the probationary period, parents will have one week to withdraw their child from the Day Care.

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